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In partnership with Microsoft, we are proud and excited to provide you with this simple and free tool

Centered on "Outside-in view” the results of this assessment will provide you with the best practices and suggestions on how to design, engage and measure better customer experiences.

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  • Free simple organizational CX maturity assessment across six key domains (Brand Promise, Customer Perceptions, Customer Behaviors, CX Strategy, Measurement and Culture) that will help you baseline your company.
  • Free, simple, customer-ready survey platform (based on the same six domains) that you can deploy and send to your customers
  • Ability to upgrade to premium services and get professional advices by Indigo Slate team of experts.


"At Microsoft, we have long embraced positive and engaging CX as a key element of our philosophy, and we are constantly impressed and inspired by the commitment to customer experience demonstrated in the partner ecosystem. When customers connect with a trusted and approachable partner, those customers in turn demonstrate a stronger commitment to Microsoft as well. A rich customer experience leads to returning customers, recommendations and, ultimately, higher revenue for you. I am extremely excited to see Indigo Slate providing this CX assessment tool to all Microsoft partners." - Jennifer Tomlinson, Sr. Manager Channel Marketing, Microsoft